I’m an amateur photographer and currently I’m working in IT as a developer in finantial transactions management systems.
Since early I developed a strong interest in science and technology, which led the way to my IT degree, but besides work I’ve been trying to keep contact with the recent discoveries and accomplishments in digital photography in general.
I don’t dream of becoming a photo-journalist or a wedding or fashion photographer, but if I could I’d instantly swap my current work with one as a travel photographer. Yeah, I love travelling and taking photos 🙂

With this blog I try to help people to make a decision whether or not to purchase a lens. There are already many review websites based on charts and numbers that can be too complicated for beginners or for someone who don’t understand what those numbers say, and I try to cover the fundamentals with tests using mundane objects and samples. I’m not trying by any means to criticize those websites, they’re great and help a lot too, but my goal is to help people more easily and immediately just like other websites have helped me in the past.

Feel free to contact me if you have any comments and critiques or analysis that you’d like to see covered by the blog!


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